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SecretBuilders has received great testimonials from parents, teachers and kids!


"Lyrica, our 8 year old, has been enjoying SecretBuilders immensely. She made a video for you on utterli about it. Lucas is also in the video, he plays the role of disruptor. Try to ignore him. Anyway, Lyrica is a SecretBuilders PRO at this point. She likes it better than Webkinz and Club Penguin!"

Christine Cavalier, Parent/Tech Reviewer


"My three 11 year-olds started exploring SecretBuilders on Friday. They can't stop talking about it. Based on what I've been hearing from them, you've hit a home run. They are telling me genuinely that they think it's the best site they've been on. I'm totally blown away by their reaction. I've not seen them that gaga over anything else they've seen on the web. I've told them to tell all their friends, and they say they're doing that. If there's anything else I (or they) can do to help you guys, don't hesitate to ask. Again, congrats on a major hit in my kids' eyes"

Todd Wakefield, Parent


"SecretBuilders an on-line world where kids do not just play games, but in fact they engage in quests during which they learn about history and art. Players do not shoot tanks and listen to screams and watch blood. Instead, they talk to Galileo,they design their own rooms, they talk to other kids who are playing, they explore various lands,they submit writings and art that will be used in the world, THEY CONTRIBUTE TO THE WORLD."

Aaron Shultz, Parent and Clean Tech Entrepreneur


"My daughter and I have been looking for a new game since VMK [Virtual magic World] closed that we can play together. This game is great and has so much potential!"

Janet & Noelle, Avid mother and daughter SecretBuilders fans



"What I really think is neat about SecretBuilders is a virtual world but it goes beyond just the play of most virtual worlds, and it actually teaches students about history and historical figures and literary figures. It does that through interaction. Kids can actually interact with the historical figures in the virtual world and learn about them."

"We were looking for a way for get kids to get involved with history and for them to really connect with it. And SecretBuilders is great because it gives them this virtual world which all of our kids are so familiar with...They're familiar with that format and that platform. So what's great with SecretBuilders is that not only is it a virtual world, but it's a rich learning world because they run into all of these historical characters and literary figures."

Kelly Tenkely, K-5 Technology Teacher


"All of the children enjoy SecretBuilders very much - they absolutely love it."

Dorothy Hann, Computer Teacher, Weibel Elementary, Fremont, CA


"...really enjoys the web-site and visits it very regularly. Thank you for a wholesome and educational online diversion."

Chris Immesoete, your friendly 5th grade band teacher, John Green Elementary School, Dublin, CA


"SecretBuilders e un fantastico mondo virtuale per bambini da 4 a piu di 18 anniā€¦"

Maestro Alberto in Italy on his blog, December 9, 2008



"It's awesome, really creative and I've recommended it to all my friends!!"

Sophie, age 9, Pleasanton, CA


"SecretBuilders got an all around thumbs up! You now have a lot of ex-penguins on your site!"

Tanya, a nine year from Scotland who demoed the site to her classmates

"Hi. I'm not a parent or anything i'm just your average kid. I would just like to say that your website is AWESOME! I have already told loads of people about SecretBuilders and me and my friends love your website!! I have only just joined and i need to get to know the things you can do a little bit better but so far it is great!!"




YouTube fan videos

With Jonas Brothers!:
Video on secret door in Treasure Island:

Mozart and Friends: Coming to a Virtual World Near You

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) December 1, 2009 -- SecretBuilders, a virtual world that immerses children in the creative arts, and San Francisco Opera, the second largest opera company in North America, have joined hands to bring Mozart, classical music, and opera to young adults.

Read the entire press release here.


SecretBuilders wins 2009 NAPPA Award

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) November 11, 2009 -- SecretBuilders, a virtual world with an emphasis on creativity and historical adventure for children, has been selected as a 2009 NAPPA Honors winner in the Children's Products competition. The National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) recognizes only the best children's products for this prestigious award. The winners were officially announced on on November 1, 2009.

Read the entire press release here.


Dear President Obama Contest

Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) December 16, 2008 -- Pundits around the world are offering ideas and advice to President-Elect Obama. Now kids have their turn. A new contest launched today on kids' virtual world website invites players to submit a picture and message to President Obama. The winning entry will be published President's Day on The Huffington Post, the hugely popular news website and aggregated blog founded by Arianna Huffington and Kenneth Lerer.

Read the entire press release here.


SecretBuilders Official Launch Press Release

Menlo Park, CA (PRWEB) December 4, 2008 -- SecretBuilders, a Silicon Valley startup, today announced the launch of, a virtual world with an emphasis on creativity and historical adventure for children 6 to 14 years old. On SecretBuilders, children are exposed to stories and concepts from the arts and humanities as they interact and play among fictional and historical characters including Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, Galileo and Socrates.

Read the entire press release here.


"There's at least half a dozen other features I could delve into to highlight the great things that SecretBuilders has built and the way the community interacts and evolves, from clubs and parties, to homes and quests. The short of it is, however, that SecretBuilders is not only fun for kids, it's mentally nutritional for them too, and it possesses and encourages social awareness. It's been used by teachers, schools, and parents; it supports education and charity.

You really can't find a bad point about SecretBuilders. If you're looking for an educational online game for your kids - or for your classroom - SecretBuilders can deliver on its promises."

Jamie Skelton,, January 20, 2010

"The site also provides tiny clues and scaffolds for future learning, which suggests how sharp and clever the developers are! For example, our judge got a kick out of Yoricks End, a casual game of hangman that promotes spelling, but offers a simple reference to Hamlet that kids may recognize at some point in high school."

National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA), September, 2009

"SecretBuilders is an enormous online world for kids to explore. Players customize their own avatars and navigate through virtual bazaars, haunted houses, magical forests, laboratories and many, many other locations, where they encounter other users, historical figures and plenty of entertaining activities. People can play games, go on quests and participate in other pursuits, usually earning "Silver coins (Shills)," the coin of the realm. Everyone gets their own home, and can spend their Silver coins (Shills) to purchase pets, furniture, and other decorations. People can also befriend other users, chat with each other, and post messages on public forums. The site says it is aimed at kids ages 5 to 14, and offers a huge variety of ways for children all across this very broad spectrum to have fun."Will Wade, Common Sense Media, Inc., September 14, 2009

"SecretBuilders is an excellent way to bring history to life for your students. They will understand historical and literary figures better as they interact with them in this virtual world. SecretBuilders is best in a lab setting where every student has access to a computer. Be sure to sign your class up under a teacher account where you can control and monitor what students are expected to do in SecretBuilders. Encourage students to interact and interview the historical figures that they encounter. They can then write an article about the historical figure for the SecretBuilders virtual newspaper. SecretBuilders is a great first stop for learning about important figures in history. It will leave them wanting more and excited to learn more about these interesting people in history."

Kelly Tenkely, iLearn Technology, K-5 Technology Teacher, August 12, 2009.

" is a safe, unique virtual world for children ages 5 to 14 years old that lets children learn through stories and themes, quests, games and activities, videos, writings, and art. "All of this can be found on the various sections of the website, which can be accessed through the home dashboard. After you have created your free account, you will be given the option to personalize your avatar and your room (home dashboard). You will then be ready to explore the virtual world! Here are some highlights of the site and some of the features your will encounter on your journey."

Amber Coggin,, June 2, 2009

"In 2006, CEO Umair Khan hatched a concept for a virtual world that would expose kids to literature, music and fine art by encouraging them to explore their own creativity through drawing, writing, publishing and community participation. The result is SecretBuilders, a browser-based MMO where players have a direct impact on how the world evolves, looks and plays."

Erin Bell, Gamezebo, Jan 5, 2009

"The site lives up to its claim as a "fun virtual world where kids live, learn and play" - there really is a lot for children to do here. Younger ones will enjoy creating their character, exploring the Enchanted Woods, Haunted Valley, Magic Bazaar or Treasure Island, and playing the great quality games. Older children can also read clues and attempt the Quests, interact with famous people from history, or get involved with the charity and fundraising element within the world, called One For All, by answering questions about math, geography or English, for example."

Little Kids Games Online, 2009

"I don't even feel it does justice to just HOW MUCH is available here. There is a real sense of community as well helped out by the contests, Crooked Pencil and even people helping each other on quests. Can you tell I love Secret Builders" … This is the first time my husband has LAUGHED at how much time I spent on a game and said, What's so great about the site anyway" I think my reply was something like: Um, everything. It is a joy to review kid's games and sites when I am given one as high quality as NOW you know something for FREE your kids (and you) can do over winter break and STILL learn while having fun."

Jenny Mannion, Kids Computer Games Recommendations, December 16, 2008

"But the one feature that stands apart is that children publish their works, turning the site into a personalized store of creativity. Drawings, writings and videos can be readily posted and then commented upon by family members and acquaintances. Needless to say, such a system is a big motivational resource in itself, and it can make any child start realizing his potential. As you can see, I found this portal a very interesting resource and I am sure that parents and their children will find a visit to it worthwhile."

KillerStartups, December 9, 2008

"Wow, it seems to me that SecretBuilders carries all the criteria for a fun AND educational Virtual World for children. If you would like to venture forth into a fantastic place, visit SecretBuilders…You can even do fun activities to help earn money for your school... how cool is that!"

Teri, This Virtual World, December 7, 2008

"SecretBuilders has an interesting twist. Fun AND education. … Likewise, players can create pictures via their mouse cursor, but what they may not realize is that they're painting over, or mimicking a painting done by a famous artist – learning tools included. The world also includes a plethora of writing and art contests to enter, a kids magazine and room customization/ personalization tools. So far we've got a new Virtual World with an innovative concept – but how about some support" Well getting a nod from Arianna Huffington at The Huffington Post isn't a bad way to start. On December 10th, SecretBuilders will launch a contest titled "Dear Mr. President" where users can submit a photo including a caption addressed to president-elect Barack Obama. The Huffington Post will publish the winning entry on President's Day."

Dan Taylor, Fatfoogoo, December 5, 2008

"The integration of the learning elements can be clever. Kids can paint black-and-white pictures by pointing a paint brush with the mouse cursor. They may not know it, but they will be painting over a famous piece by a well-known artist."

Dean Takahashi, VentureBeat, December 4, 2008

"It's this subtle infusion of education, along with human moderators to make sure messages contain nothing inappropriate, that could make one of the few games that wary parents would allow and even encourage their kids to play."

Michael Lee, Red Herring, December 4, 2008

"Secret Builders is announcing today an online virtual world with educational games for children. In doing so, it joins a bunch of rivals going after the kids online game market, from Zookazoo to Club Penguin."

The Industry Standard, December 4th, 2008

"Secret Builders features a lot of the staples of kids worlds, exploration, quests, games, virtual homes and pets to maintain, and social interaction. What it describes as its main differentiator is an emphasis on education."

Virtual Worlds News, December 4, 2008

"SecretBuilders, a virtual world with an emphasis on creativity and historical adventure for children 6 to 14 years old.On SecretBuilders, children are exposed to stories and concepts from the arts and humanities as they interact and play among fictional and historical characters including Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes, Galileo and Socrates."

eMediaWire, December 4, 2008

International Coverage

"New Online World Takes Kids Adventuring With Shakespeare; SecretBuilders Launches a Web World Where Kids Dive Into Cultural History, Virtually".

International Business Times, December 4, 2008

"[SecretBuilders] also differs from other virtual kid sites because of the educational and cultural information it provides without taking away from the entertainment that the site is supposed to provide."Jehan Ara, In the Line of the Wire, December 14, 2008

" has taken kids into a cultural and educational adventure and seems to have captured their imaginations - kids, parents and educators are all loving it."

Tea Break, December 14, 2008

"Con juegos, misterios, mascotas, concursos y muchas actividades educativas, este portal ha sido pensado para que maestros y padres puedan también formar parte de la comunidad de forma active." Juan Diego Polo, wwwhat's new, December 9, 2008

SecretBuilders Makes Parent Magazine's Ten Best Kids Gameworlds CommonSense Media Nappa Awards

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