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"By becoming a premium member you support our mission to provide safe, wholesome, creative fun for all kids online."

SecretBuilders is free for anyone to play — but there are several advantages for premium member players and parents alike:

Parental Advantages
  • A monthly allowance of virtual money to be given to their child for good real world behavior!
  • An additional monthly allowance of virtual money to be given to their child if they attend the SecretBuilders School.
  • Regular email feedback on player behavior and playing times.

Player benefits:
  • A monthly allowance of Gold coins (SuperShills) (the virtual money of SecretBuilders)
  • Access to member-only items, clothes, furniture, pets and quests
  • An improved ability to earn Gold coins (SuperShills) through game play

By showing your support via paid membership you help us to deliver the SecretBuilders mission of providing high-quality, wholesome, immersive learning and entertainment for your child, while giving them a creative outlet in a safe online environment.

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SecretBuilders mission to provide quality, wholesome entertainment and learning for kids has been recognized by many in the press, and we are already collecting awards!

Kids love us, parents love us, even Teachers love us! Read their reviews, letters, even fan-created videos!!

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