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Dear President Obama,

You and my Auntie inspire me to keeping moving forward and never quit . I plan to run for president , to be the first AFRICAN AMERICAN WOMAN PRESIDENT!!! If that doesn't work out I will be biologist . But YES, you and my aunt inspire me. My GREAT Grandma said you are a man sent from heaven. I believe her!











Dear President Obama,

You inspired me to be a better person. I didn't like to help people stop crime and stuff like that. So then I heard your campaign motto was "Change". I liked your campaign, that you’re the first African American president , in history. When I heard that the person I would have voted for won, I was telling myself the whole time I also need CHANGE. So I applied to a local club and I wrote 3 paragraphs on why I wanted to be in this club. When I was writing I was thinking of you. And a week later I got in the mail that 12 people got into the club and I was one of them. The name of this spectacular club is "Crime Stopper Club"

From yours truly,

P.S. Thanks for inspiring me for this new and wonder full journey


Builder: thechosenone

Dear President Obama,

BIG congratulations! I hope you do something about the economy. And the war on Iraq. And the oil crisis. And especially the environment. I guess I shouldn't pressure the president. After all, you've got a big to do list and I'm not helping.

But I always wanted to ask: How do you deal with all those flashes from the press?


a.k.a. thechosenone


Builder: freespirit15

Dear President Obama,

I have created a picture which I believe will inspire you and all the people in this world we live in. I am a British Citizen but have travelled across Europe and am currently staying in Bulgaria. In this world there is a very big racism issue. I wish that this could change and I believe that by using your heart, your strength, and your courage you can achieve many great things, including putting a stop to racism. People are all the same: we all smile and laugh in the same language, and I don’t believe that having a different color skin makes somebody any less of a person...
Overall President Obama I give you my full faith as the man who can change this planet we live in. I believe that you are the one to show people that everyone is equal.

Yours Sincerely, Harriet

SecretBuilders Staff note: Image inspired by “ONE RACE: HUMAN” image on , copyright MzMuller


Builder: residore

Dear Mr. President,

I hope you do all things you say you’re going to do because me and my family are going through some tough times and I am trusting you with all I have. So please Mr. President sir, turn this country around and please give me something happier to dream about!


Builder: sanama

President Obama

Please stop the war in Palestine


Builder: waterplussprite

Dear Barack Obama,

For years I've been waiting for a big change to come in this world and it finally has. I'm so excited that our presidential chair has been filled with the first African American. That is a huge accomplishment for America and to be honest, I never thought this day would ever come. That proved me wrong because it did happen. All I wanted to say is that I am proud of America for accomplishing something that could've never happened during Rosa Parks times. Lastly I'm proud of you because you stand up for African Americans. You gave us all a better chance to prove to the world that we are the same as Caucasians. Also that we are better than the streets and that we are equal. To all humanity against our race and to the oval office. We have accomplished. That is an American dream.


Builder: megzui13

Dear President Obama

I think you are great for our country. Anyone can see we needed a change! Good luck throughout your years. I am sure you will do fine! In this picture you will see the American flag and little kids like me who look up to you!


Builder: hihi

Dear President Obama,

The economy is failing, but what's worse than budget cuts for schools? If schools don't get money we can't get good education. Our computers are slow; we don't get new books to read; nor do we get the expenses for field trips. How are we supposed to learn about our capital if we can't even go on a field trip to see it? America's education is important because America's kids will become America's future. Thank you for thinking of us.

Sincerely, Enya


Builder: neptune

Dear President Obama,

My idea for your term is to arrange a fundraiser for all of the poor schools in America. You and your team can set up stages and then have charity boxes in which people can give their donations. The money can be used for things like materials, desks and tables, computers, and paper.

Not only does the money have to be for schools but for parents who need the money to pay for their children’s education. I know there are many other things you may want to do during
your term but I hope my idea will still help you while in office.


Dear President Obama

Builder: cutiepie10

Hi, I’m so proud to have you as my president!!!!!! You are number 1! It means so much to have you as my president, because you are African American . I am also proud because it is history .

Thank you President Barak Obama!!!!

Dear President Obama

Builder: peppersed

Dear President Obama,

My name is Madison Cooklin. I am a victim of domestic violence. I have always wanted to change the world. I am only 11 and people say you can't change the world. I am from a small town and home schooled. My motto is “you try you fail you try you fail but the only true failure is when you stop trying.” When I grow up I want to be someone who helps people. I am very poor but I have always wanted to meet a president .

Dear President Obama

Builder: kutie

Dear President Obama,

I understand you are facing many problems that are worse than ever before. The one problem that I strongly feel should be fixed is peace in the world. The white dove is nowhere to be seen; when will we see it ?


Dear President Obama

Builder: sammy

Dear President Obama,

Congratulations! You are now the official President of the United States of America! It's so exciting!
I just wanted to ask you if you could maybe stop giving tax dollars to Israel…..

Please do something for Gaza! Anything.


Builder: sahara

Dear President Obama

I knew you'd be President . I wish you a Happy New Year and a Merry Christmas. Best luck on your new role. Make house prices lower. Just kidding. You're very dedicated , smart, and a hard working guy. I'm sorry that John Mcain lost . But I'm happy that Obama won. I watched all your speeches on TV . I like the part that you said to American people: we will leave the nation more peaceful, and safer for our kids. It is amazing that you are a regular person. That a hard working guy became President, motivates anybody including myself, to try challenging things. Thanks for your kindness . I wish that I could live next to your house .

Best Regards

Dear President Obama

Builder: cjsporty

Dear President Obama,

Dear Mr. Obama,

I am very glad that you became our President . You were the right man picked for the job. I think your ideas for the economy will work and the way you will be protect us, I think we will have happy lives as citizens of America.

Good luck as “Mr. Obama the President”


Dear President Obama

Builder: nbafan

Dear President Obama,

Your accomplishment has been a great moment in American history. I know that you are going to be a great president, guiding America through issues and problems. Economy, healthcare, and the war in Iraq will cause some headaches for you. YOU MUST STOP THE VIOLENCE IN IRAQ!!!


Dear President Obama

Builder: kim999


Can you change Dinsmore Elementary lunch menu to Taco, Nochoas, soda, and icecream, please ,please,please, please, please,please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please. Nobody likes the food here. You are nice,sweet, and kind.

I hand drew YOUR FACE.

Dear President Obama

Builder: bimbamboom

Dear Barack Obama,

I think people all around should be allowed and encouraged to draw and paint. Art is very, very important to people. Art helps people express their feelings and emotions when no one wants to listen.

A girl named Pearl

PS. Music can count as art for some people. Also, did you know that PS. means post script and it's my initials.

Dear President Obama

Builder: abhinav97

Dear President Obama,

Our economy continues to plummet as the stock clocks tick. The jobless Americans who watched your inauguration wiped tears from their eyes as they realized hope had come at last. You have power and change within you. I have faith and believe that you will remake the heart of America.


Dear President Obama

Builder: princessmadiro

Dear President Obama,

My disease SMA is killing more babies than any other disease. Not many people have heard of it. But doctors say its the closest disease to finding a cure. A cure for SMA will lead to other cures. Please help me give kids a chance to live.


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